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4 aspects that affect the health of your ovaries

We explain 4 aspects that can affect the health of your ovaries and that are worth taking into account. Are you going to miss it?

The ovaries are part of our feminine nature. They are the organs of fertility and those sex glands that, in turn, regulate many of our functions. For example, menstruation and the production of hormones such as progesterone and estrogens.

In this article we want to discover which are the main risks that we usually run and that, in some way, usually affect the health of our ovaries. So, don’t miss out on this information!

Unfortunately, as you already know, the ovaries are related to various diseases that we cannot always avoid. The ovarian cysts, tumors or even premature failure of its function are risks that we are exposed women worldwide.

Hence the importance of reviews and, in turn, of always maintaining adequate lifestyle habits. Find out what these factors are that you should take into account.

4 aspects that affect the health of your ovaries.

1. Obesity.

2. The weight of genetic factors.

Genetics, the diseases that our mothers and grandmothers have suffered, determine to a high degree the diseases that we may suffer. In the body in general, and in particular those associated with our female reproductive system.

Has any of our relatives suffered from ovarian cancer? So, there is a high probability that we too can suffer it sooner or later.

Small mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes are known to exist, which are usually inherited. Hence, many women usually request a complete genetic analysis to find out the exact probability of suffering it.

In our space, as you will remember, we explain the case of Angelina Jolie. This famous actress opted for the removal of her ovaries thus undergoing an early menopause.

3. Having children at a later age.

Today, not all women can have children at the same ages as our mothers or grandmothers. In fact, little by little, motherhood is reaching, in many cases, beyond the age of 30.

Difficulties in the workplace, independence from home or even having a job… These issues prevent us from having enough time to take care of our children.

Does this pose a risk to our health? In general, the higher the ovulations throughout our lives, the greater the risk of suffering from a disease associated with the ovaries.

4. A high-fat diet.

From our space we always recommend you lead a healthy life. You must never forget to practice some exercise. And, above all, eat in a balanced and varied way, leaving aside the always dangerous fats.

We know we like them, that this bun or cake comes in handy in the middle of the afternoon. Those dishes made with refined flours and salt are tastier… However, you should know that this type of diet favors the appearance of cysts.

So, raise your servings of water, natural juices and fruit and vegetables. Otherwise, any food that you eat rich in fat will  sooner or later modify the activity of our estrogens.

Finally, we add that other risk factors are late menopause and early menarche, protective factors for multiparous women, patients with anovulatory cycles, etc.

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