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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Observing the state and appearance of the hands can give us a clue of how our general health is and allow us to obtain an early diagnosis of different ailments Sometimes the hands can say much...
Although the exact mechanisms of the mind-body interaction are still not fully understood, emotional stress has been shown to influence a wide variety of diseases. Discover the link with the heart. Psychological factors can negatively affect multiple...
How does a person with color blindness see
Color blindness is a genetic disease in which the perception of colors is altered. Colorblind people have varying degrees of severity, and the ways in which colors are interpreted in their brains also differ. Do you want...
solar radiation
Exposure to solar radiation can damage our eyes, but we have ways to protect ourselves that are simple and effective. We will tell you in this article how to prevent eye injuries from the sun. Most people...
subtle signs
It is very important to pay attention to these signs and the possible changes that the body presents because, although they can be normal reactions of the organism, they can also be the initial manifestations...
stomach health
Did you know that, in addition to helping us fight stress and calm our nerves, anise infusion can help improve our digestion? For this, we will take it before meals Anise is an ancient plant used by...