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How to build muscle mass in your arms

To achieve more toned arms and develop muscle mass, it is convenient that we include a specific exercise routine at least twice a week.

There are different exercises that serve to develop muscle mass in the arms. They are very simple to do and can be alternated with other exercises to work the whole body well and thus not only gain and maintain a good general shape, but also prevent sagging and premature aging of the skin.

Here we will share some of those exercises so you can start taking advantage of them. Ready? Let us begin!

Building muscle mass in the arms is not just “a man’s thing”

Although it is true that men tend to focus more frequently on working this area of ​​the body to show off large muscles, as well as well-marked biceps and triceps, women do too.

In doing so, the goal is not to look “masculine,” but to work your limbs to avoid the sagging (also known as “sagging” of the skin) that comes with sedentary lifestyle and aging.

Developing muscle mass in the arms and working this area is not limited to one sex or the other, despite what you have been able to say or imply about it in the past. It is a beneficial practice and allows you to gain a lot in terms of strength and endurance.

In addition, increasing the size of the arms or strengthening the muscle groups in that region is a task that is performed in conjunction with the other parts of the body when you want to achieve a good physical shape in general. This means that a person does not have to limit himself to working only one part of his body, but can work all of them.

In other words: you cannot neglect your legs, abdomen or back in favor of showing off perfect biceps or triceps.

It is important to do combined exercises (such as rowing, striding and deadlifting), alternating the weight, gradually increasing the number of repetitions, etc. Besides, with the use of weights you will gradually achieve that the muscles develop properly.

Exercise routine to build muscle mass in the arms

Within the physical activity you do, add a routine for the arms twice a week. The exercises that cannot be missed are:

1. Dumbbell pushups

2. Pull-ups with bars

3. Hammered flex

You can either sit or stand to do this exercise.

4. Triceps dips

It is one of the most effective exercises to develop muscle mass in the arms, because you will use your body and, in addition, you will work other areas (including abs and legs).

5. Triceps dips with parallel bars

Once you have practiced the previous exercise several times, you can move on to a more complex one that requires parallel bars (they are also often included in some of the gym machines).

6. Pull up or triceps extension

To perform this exercise, you need a pulley and a rope. In gyms this machine allows you to increase the loads as appropriate. You should always start with low or moderate weight and then increase it.

7. Dumbbell Triceps Extension

To develop muscle mass in the arms you have many exercises that do not require machinery or expensive objects. In this case, if you don’t have dumbbells, you can fill a bottle with sand or water.

You can do the triceps extension sitting or standing, as long as you keep your back straight and your legs slightly apart.

8. Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The last of the exercises to build muscle mass in the arms can also be done at home with some weight.

They are very simple exercises that you can even do at home without going to the gym. The important thing is that you do not stay without trying them. Remember that exercising is very beneficial for your health.

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