Anxiety and stress can cause excessive sweating. Sweating is a completely natural and necessary action of the body. It helps normalize our body temperature and get rid of fluids. The matter is complicated when we suffer from excessive sweating, even when we have not performed any physical activity or are exposed to high temperatures that warrant sweating.

Known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweat production is a disorder that affects thousands of people who suffer from it. It can interfere with your activities and even your lifestyle.

If you suffer from this problem and cannot find a solution, today we will give you the best tips and advice to combat excessive sweating.

Why do we have excessive sweating?

Sweat is created in the sweat glands of our body and expelled through the pores. The main objective is to refresh the skin and regulate the temperature of the body, therefore, it is completely normal for it to occur.

When the glands are too active, excessive sweating occurs even when the body does not need to refresh.

Sweating in large amounts can be due to many factors such as:

  • Heritage
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Taking medications
  • Hormonal problems

Maintaining a good diet is essential to be able to control sweating, therefore, it is really important to control what we eat. Avoid fried foods and anything that contains saturated fat.

Tips to combat excessive sweating

Many times, excess sweat can be reduced and even eliminated by changing certain habits in our diet, hygiene and health. However, there are a lot of people who are naturally very sweaty and the only solution to this problem is to learn how to combat it in the best way.

1. Exercise

Often, sweating is due to excess weight or a supersaturation of fluids in the body due to a sedentary lifestyle.

In the case of people who suffer from sweaty hands, exercise is highly recommended, as it helps regulate the functions of the nervous system that control this anomaly.

Exercise is extremely necessary to stay healthy and, in the case of excessive sweating, it is the best option to get rid of this problem in a natural way and eliminate toxins that the body does not need.

2. Yoga

The yoga is great to help relax the body. If the case of hyperhidrosis that you present is due to nerves or stress, this technique will be very helpful to combat it.

Practicing this form of exercise will help regulate your stress levels, relax your nervous system and, therefore, reduce excessive sweating.

3. Shaving

If we refer to the most aesthetic part, shaving is very important in the case of sweaty armpits. Hair is necessary, since it protects our skin, however, it can be a source of bacteria, which cause bad odor and excess perspiration. Trimming or removing hair will help the air circulate through the armpits and, thus, not sweat more than necessary.

4. Hygiene

Although it is a very broad point, maintaining good general hygiene is essential to avoid excessive sweating. If you suffer from sweaty hands, it is advisable to wash them very often to prevent the pores from clogging and starting to sweat. In the case of the armpits, crotches, or more areas where hyperhidrosis is present, it is very important to keep it clean and fresh.

5. Appropriate clothing

Wearing fresh and light clothing will help prevent sweat in large quantities, allowing our skin to perspire.

Synthetic fabrics tend to be very hot, making us sweat a lot more. It is best to wear cotton garments and a little loose to the body. This allows the body to breathe and prevents perspiration.

6. Choose a good deodorant

The deodorant is something very variable in each particular case. Which deodorant works best for you depends on many factors. Choosing a deodorant with natural properties for your skin will be of great help in not clogging your pores or sweat glands.

7. Milk of magnesia as an alternative

The magnesium hydroxide found in milk of magnesia is excellent for reducing sweat on the armpits, feet, and hands.

If you want to opt for something much more natural, you can apply it right after bathing to help your skin breathe properly.


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