Both garlic and honey can be very suitable for regulating your blood pressure. Therefore, joining them in a single remedy can be a more than effective option to achieve it.

Everything in our body must work with an adequate and precise balance. So much so that one of the key pieces to take care of that tight internal tuning is blood pressure. Pressure or blood pressure is the force with which our blood reaches the walls of the arteries. Any mismatch, being above or below what is considered adequate causes many of those consequences that we already know.

Imagine for a moment all that fascinating network of arteries as a complex system of pipes. The higher the pressure, the greater the risk that a collapse will arise and some section of this “vital” facility will explode. However, factors such as the passage of time or the way we take care of that valuable system will make it work more or less effectively.

Something we all want is for that inner harmony to be constant and perfect. That the heart pump hard, that the blood pressure is just enough for oxygen and nutrients to reach every part of our body. To achieve this there is nothing better than to become aware. Your diet is important, and maintaining an active life is too.

Likewise, we cannot forget those periodic reviews with our doctors to take care of our basic health indicators. Now, to all the basic pillars to control your blood pressure, there are undoubtedly added those gifts that nature offers us as natural remedies.

Today in our space we talk of the rest elements that will optimize your blood pressure.

Regulate my tension with natural remedies, is it possible?

Blood pressure is determined both by the amount of blood the heart pumps and by the resistance to blood flow of the arteries themselves. It is therefore a subtle combination of several factors that we cannot always control.

Sometimes, as we indicated at the beginning, our own age and the passage of time make our arteries no longer so flexible, hence the blood pressure changes a bit.

When it comes to treating hypertension, our doctors will always tell us what treatment we should follow. Likewise, we, at home, can also – and must – take care of our food. In fact, there are certain natural remedies that can help us regulate blood pressure.

  • There are foods and plants like hawthorn that act as vasodilators.
  • The properties of certain spices, plants and foods make them cardiotonic and antiarrhythmic. Very suitable for taking care of our cardiovascular health. 
  • The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in many fruits also act as good blood pressure promoters.

Next, we indicate which natural proposals are the most appropriate to achieve it. They are inexpensive, easy to find, and very healthy.

How to use lemon, garlic and honey to regulate your blood pressure

1. How to use lemon to regulate your blood pressure

We suggest a tip to start applying from today: every time you need to salt your dishes, drop a few drops of lemon.

  • If you want your salad to have an intense flavor, add lemon.
  • If you want your rice dish to be tastier, since you must remove the salt due to your problems with tension, do not hesitate: add a little lemon.
  • Also, nothing better than dressing your lean turkey or chicken dishes with a drizzle of lemon.
  • We cannot forget that lemon is rich in potassium, a mineral that is very beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • Lemon, in turn, reduces circulatory problems: it relaxes the arteries, which allows us to reduce blood pressure and the fragility of the capillaries.
  • Do not hesitate either to drink the juice of half a lemon with a glass of warm water every day. Its effects are fabulous!

2. Remedy with garlic and honey to balance your blood pressure

We propose a second natural remedy that you will not be able to resist: garlic with honey. Does it seem too daring? Absolutely.

  • We know that in our space we talk to you many times about the benefits of consuming garlic on an empty stomach.
  • On this occasion, we are going to introduce honey to get a much more pleasant and beneficial option.
  • It will be a fabulous remedy for blood pressure thanks to allicin. This active principle of garlic will allow us to clean the blood and eliminate excess cholesterol.
  • In addition, it is a very effective remedy to keep triglycerides at bay.
  • The honey and garlic together exert an anticoagulant and toning effect of the veins. They optimize circulation, regulate blood pressure and prevent the onset of thrombosis.

We explain how to prepare it.


  • 1 cup of honey (335 g)
  • 10 garlic cloves
  • 1 glass jar with lid


  • It is very simple. The first thing we will do is mince the garlic cloves. In this way we get its active principles to come out and mix with those of honey.
  • Next, we pour the honey into the glass jar and add the 10 minced garlic. Very easy.
  • We cover the jar tightly and keep it in a dark place for a week.

After this time, you will have a remedy rich in benefits for your health. Take a tablespoon each morning combined with some rye bread. It will surprise you!

Do not forget that having a regular and healthy tension is very important for day to day. These are some remedies that can help you, but do not hesitate to consult your doctor and carry out regular checks of your blood pressure.


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