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How your metabolism works based on your age?

Since from the age of 30 our metabolism slows down and we burn fewer calories, we must take care of our diet and practice sports to avoid gaining excess weight.

If you want to know how your metabolism works, we tell you that it changes according to age. We show you different aspects that will allow you to learn more about this reality.

How your metabolism works at 20?

The functioning of the metabolism at the age of 20 is faster than ever, although this will depend on each person, as well as their own genetics and level of physical activity. We must bear in mind that people with greater muscle mass require more Energy.

Around the age of 25, the body finishes building bones and it is at the end of this decade when it takes a little more work to lose weight. As we get closer to 30, the metabolism begins to slow down, so much so that it is 2% per decade.

Despite the fact that at this stage it is easy to lose weight if we try, it is best to avoid:

That type of food will only give you empty calories and no type of nutrient that is really beneficial.

In the case that you are a person with a tendency to gain weight, opt for low-fat dairy and do not forget that it is best to eat five meals a day and that breakfast is the most important meal.

How your metabolism works at 30.

After 30, the innate ability to burn calories decreases. The body has stopped secreting the hormone responsible for growth and muscle mass is no longer the same.

However, if you work your muscles and do strength-related training, this effect can be counteracted.

In the event of a pregnancy, the functioning of the metabolism can also change completely, both in one direction and another. Speed ​​up or slow down.

Likewise, it is important to eat plenty of protein. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of red meat and increase that of fish. In this way, you will maintain a good muscle mass and avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

As for the most recommended exercise at this stage, it is best to opt for moderate aerobic work and train the muscles with disciplines such as Pilates.

How your metabolism works at 40.

In this decade the levels of estrogen and progesterone are considerably reduced, something that also causes a slowdown in metabolism.

The body enters a state called “sarcopenia”, and this is also when muscle mass begins to decrease.

The best way to try not to gain weight is to eat small meals that allow you not to go hungry. Among the most recommended are:

The best thing is that you adapt your menu to the physical activity that you develop each day.

At this stage it is important to avoid carbohydrates and consume legumes at least three times a week, as well as a good dose of vegetables and fruits.

How your metabolism works after 50.

From the 50’s, the most common thing is to experience weight gain and this is because the metabolism is much slower.

The body has a tendency to replace lost muscle mass with body fat. What this means is that the body requires fewer calories than before, so starting to follow a diet or eat less is the most convenient at this stage.

At this age, it is most advisable that the diet you follow is controlled by a specialist. Nobody like a nutritionist can prepare a balanced plan for you that, in turn, has the nutrients that the body needs. In addition, this specialist will give you other important information when you consult him how your metabolism works.

Remember to combine all this with sport. Moderate physical activity will keep you feeling good in spirits and physically.

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