In a healthy and well-hydrated body, urine is light in color. If you present a dark tone or variations of it, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

We know. It is not a pleasant subject, you may be one of those people who goes to the bathroom and does not pay too much attention to these aspects, but doctors advise us that it is essential to know what color our urine is. Not only is it important to notice if we suffer pain or not, the tone of it shows us certain indicators: poor diet, diseases…

Urine is made up of water and other waste substances. If something does not work well in our body, the urine can change color. Whether due to our diet, inflammation or even the consumption of some type of medicine, it can cause changes that we have to take into account. So, let’s look at all the data for the sake of our health.

Our health and the color of urine.

First of all, we have to know one thing: urine originates after being filtered by the kidneys. After this process, a mixture of water and toxins that the body does not need, and that must be eliminated, reaches the bladder. Depending on the food consumed and each person’s own mechanisms, such as perspiration and breathing, it causes us to evacuate more or less urine. The color will depend on the following aspects:

Light color.

Light-colored urine is a good sign. It means that you are well hydrated. When we drink large amounts of water, the kidneys filter urine more easily and this makes it appear much lighter. It is a good indicator.

Intense yellow color.

It is a symptom to take into account. It means we don’t drink enough fluids and our kidneys have to work harder to filter urine. There is a greater accumulation of toxic elements and we need to hydrate better. It’s not bad at all. This color can also be due to excessive sweating, when we have worked a lot or we have done a lot of sports.

Dark yellow.

This tonality is already more serious. A clear indicator that we have to go to the doctor. The intense yellow tells us that there is a problem in the liver and that we may be suffering from jaundice. If this happens, look at your eyes. See if you also have a yellowish hue. You will feel tired and generally unwell. It is usually associated with other symptoms that you will be quickly aware of.

Reddish brown tone.

It is perhaps the most common in the case that we are suffering from a kidney problem. This reddish-brown tone is due to the fact that you have inflammation and that in your urine, there are small traces of blood. It is possible that you have a stone on your way, that the urinary tract is suffering from this element that is painfully making its way to the bladder. Or maybe you still have it in your kidney and it’s damaging it. In this case this tonality in the urine is very characteristic. Likewise, if it is a kidney problem, you will also suffer pain.


This tonality is no longer so normal but it can occur. What is the orange color in urine describe? It can be due to an excess of vitamin C in our body. There is too much and the kidneys filter this excess, this color being very characteristic. If one day it happens to you, you should not do more than reduce the consumption of all those fruits and vegetables with vitamin C, at least for five days. Decrease, but never eliminate.

Color blue.

Surprised? As strange as it may be to you, it may happen, and it is due to an excess of calcium or a type of bacterial infection. This usually occurs in the cases of people who take vitamin supplements, there is an excess or a small contamination with other substances and our body suffers. You must be careful with all the medicines and vitamin supplements that you take, before any change, consult it with your doctor.

Red color.

Red urine is an indicator of two things. The first can be serious, since it can be due to the presence of blood and must be brought to the attention of your doctor immediately. It is possible that there is a problem in your bladder or in your kidneys, a proper diagnosis will always give you the answer. The second cause of this symptom is completely harmless. If during a day we have consumed a lot of beets, berries, blackberries or even foods with a lot of coloring, it is possible that the urine acquires this hue. The essential thing is that you see if this tone is repeated over several days, if so, do not hesitate to go to the doctor.


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