Beyond applying a balm to hydrate them, you should know how to identify the different conditions that your lips may present in order to provide the necessary care.

You may think that your lips are only good for looking good, kissing and talking. However, you should know that its function goes beyond the pure aesthetic facade.

For this reason, we invite you to be attentive to its evolution to discover what health issues are related to its appearance. Take note!

Change lipstick.

Are your lips swollen? If you are careful and always pay attention to how you look, it will be difficult for you to ignore a swelling even if it is mild. That is why you should know that some lipsticks and beauty products contain toxic chemicals.

Although in theory these products are suitable, if you have sensitive skin the truth is that swelling and redness appear soon. This is because toxins can cause allergies.

The first thing you will notice is mild inflammation and some pain or burning. Also, if you don’t stop using this product, your lips will start to look bigger. In fact, in the worst case, you could end up in the emergency room.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is stop using this product as soon as you notice the discomfort and wash the area with water and neutral soap. This should ease the pain, but if not, it is best to see a doctor.

On the other hand, if you use a new lipstick or balm, make sure it is suitable for sensitive skin. Sometimes this factor is not given importance but, as the following study carried out in 2015 by the National University of Trujillo shows, some brands use increasingly aggressive chemicals. So, the best thing is to opt for a lipstick made with natural elements made by yourself.

You need to eat more meat.

Eating a healthy diet is not always easy. Sometimes people believe that they eat a healthy, rich and varied diet; but they only focus on a certain food group.

This causes a nutrient deficiency, and your lips may be trying to tell you. In this way, if they look dry and you notice small wrinkles or painful cracks in the corner of the mouth, some people consider that the consumption of:

  • Iron.
  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin B3.
  • Vitamin B6.

These four nutrients are obtained with the consumption of meat. Therefore, check your diet to include enough animal products.

However, if you are vegetarian or vegan, it is important that you go to the nutritionist to develop an adapted diet. If you are going to cut out some foods, you need to replace them correctly to get the necessary nutrients.

In addition, it would also be a good idea to consult with your doctor for a blood test to eliminate any suspicion of anemia or other health problems.

Your lips warn of candidiasis.

Feeling that you produce too much saliva and that it accumulates around the mouth, is a sign of yeast infection. This is a symptom that is annoying and unaesthetic, and therefore you may be more concerned with cleaning your lips than investigating why it happens to you.

According to an article published by Sanitas, this infection appears when some  species of fungi proliferate in the mouth, tongue or gums. In turn, it is a problem that disappears on its own with the passing of days, but it can be painful. Likewise, it is common for saliva to accumulate:

  • Around the lips.
  • In the corners.
  • On the teeth.

If, in addition to all this, you realize that you salivate too much at night, you should go to the doctor. Although most of the time a simple treatment is enough, it should be taken as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the reasons why candidiasis occurs are diverseThe most affected are babies and the elderly, but if you do not have a strong immune system it can also be a problem.

However, or after possible causes are:

  • Diseases that directly affect the immune system (AIDS, HIV, diabetes, cancer).
  • Antibiotics, chemotherapy, and steroids.
  • Radiation therapy to the neck and head.
  • Smoke.

It’s time to relax.

According to the following article, stress can cause sores and small pimples to appear inside the mouth. Therefore, if you notice that these two annoyances are appearing, try to give yourself a break.

Often times you can’t always avoid stress, but you can prevent it from dominating your life and affecting your health. Do some yoga, take a deep breath, read or listen to the music that you like best.

Likewise, premenstrual syndrome can also cause these discomforts. So, if you find yourself on those days of the month, try to relax.

You need to drink more water.

If you need to apply more lipstick than usual because it absorbs in a short time or you notice dryness, drink more water.

Even if you use a moisturizing balm, in a few hours your lips will return to that scratchy and dry consistency. Therefore, there is no balm that hydrates better than water.

Hear what your lips say about some health problems.

As you have seen, the lips warn you of different issues related to health and well-being. In this line, sometimes it will be enough to make slight changes and at other times you will need to go to the doctor.

In any case, pay attention to its changes and take the necessary preventive measures. In turn, remember that a healthy diet and lifestyle are key factors in staying beautiful. 


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