I used to think that happiness was something that I had to chase. But these days, I’m learning to be happy with where I am, who I am, and what I have. If I ask you what you think it means to be happy, you would probably tell me that it is finding things that make you happy.

Why Ive Stopped Chasing Happiness

What does make you happy?

People tell you things all day long about what happiness is, and you have probably been led to believe that you need to chase your happiness. You might even tell me that you would never be able to find it on your own because you have brainwashed yourself with neuro-linguistic programming. In fact, these programmers are right, you cannot. That’s because there is no such thing as happiness. The question is, what does make you happy?

The answer is in Neuro-linguistic programming, which refers to the science of mind and subconscious. A person can be programmed by using neuro-linguistic programming in order to change their state of mind in order to experience a very specific type of happiness. When a person is in a happy state of mind, their brainwaves will be more susceptible to suggestions than when they are in a state of dissatisfaction or unhappiness. This is why I have stopped chasing happiness. When I am programming my mind for happiness, I am tapping into a resource that has the power to take charge of my life.

If you choose to accept the information offered to you by other people; you will not be able to program your own state of mind. Other people have learned the techniques that allow them to program their brain for any state of mind that they desire. They have found out what makes us happy. And they can teach you how to duplicate that state of mind in the real world. There are millions of people around the world who are experiencing happy, fulfilled lives.

People all over the world have discovered neuro-linguistic programming and are achieving amazing results. They have changed their behavior for the better because they were able to change their thinking. They were able to change their limiting beliefs to accepting the reality of life around them. Life is a gift. One should not chase their desires or joy, but use this gift for good.

Should I stop chasing happiness?

Why I’ve stopped chasing happiness? Because I realized that I need to take

charge of my own happiness. I realized that there are many things that can distract me from reaching the happiness that I desire.

The first thing that can distract me from happiness is the fact that I am chasing my desires and joy by myself. What happens when a person is in a happy, contented state of mind? They become so familiar with this state of mind that they feel like it has become their reality. When you are in this state you are open to suggestion. You allow yourself to be convinced into taking the actions or behaviors that you do not want to do.

The problem with this state of mind is that it causes us to feel unhappy and trapped. We spend most of our time unhappy. This causes us to try to escape our unhappy conditions by sleeping, eating, spending money, seeking out pleasure, etc. By escaping we are not creating a happy memory. Instead we are creating a future which we believe will not be happy.


Once I realized that I must create my own happy memories; I began to chase the happiness that I wanted from life. What I learned was that I could achieve what I wanted if I didn’t chase it. Why I’ve stopped chasing happiness? is because I realized that I can do without all of the things that distracted me from reaching the state of happiness that I wanted. It took me a little bit of time to understand these concepts. If I had it to do again I would do the same thing.


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