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Buttocks shape and the hidden secrets of your health

Beyond being a striking physical attribute, the shape of the buttocks can be indicative of different nutritional deficiencies that should be taken into account.

The dimensions of the body are diverse and are relative to each person. Even within the same body it can happen that the figure of the shoulders does not generate harmony with respect to the rest of the forms. In this article we are going to talk about the shape of the buttocks.

The human body, despite the large number of studies to which it has been and is subjected, is still considered a mystery, since, despite living continuously with it, day after day it reveals a myriad of new and important things.

Even without delving deep, observing the posture of bodies can reveal a lot about your personal information.

In addition, a lot of data can be discovered regarding the health in which the person is.

For example, when looking at the way you walk, how your hands move when you speak, the way you stand…

Each trait can point to the symptoms of a different pathology, or indicate the probabilities of suffering from it.

Based on this, the figure of the buttocks is taken as a starting point. When speaking of this area, emphasis is placed on one of the most striking areas of the human body in society.

This is evidenced every time a person with good attributes passes us, taking as many looks as possible, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman.

The funny thing in today’s society is the taboo that surrounds everything related to the buttocks. Perhaps that is the reason why they become so striking compared to other areas of the body.

We cannot forget that, especially today, the prohibited is what most often attracts people.

Buttock shapes.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the shape of the buttocks varies depending on the individual. Therefore, we will not find two equal pairs.

While all the people in the world are completely different, there are shared similarities. For this reason, the types of buttocks are divided into four categories, since this area is one of the most similar.

The following are the forms of these and what they say about the health of the body in general.

In the shape of a circle.

When you talk about a pair of buttocks in a circular shape, you mean perfection. Not only in the image they provide towards others, but in medical or health matters.

With respect to the latter, this type indicates a good distribution of fat in the buttocks, which suggests the low chances that exist when it comes to contracting diseases such as diabetes.

However, having this type of buttocks, practically perfect, does not mean that we can stop taking care of ourselves.

On the contrary, if you have such attributes, the ideal is to continue having them based on care and good habits.

Pear-shaped or inverted heart.

For a lot of people, the buttocks in the shape of a pear or an inverted heart are quite striking. They suggest wide hips, which are preferably male.

However, in terms of health they can be indicative of a problem.

This form is acquired thanks to the accumulation of fat in the upper part of the hip, which signals high levels of cholesterol in the blood.

For this type of buttocks, the most recommended is to consume foods low in calories and fat, in addition to ingesting considerable amounts of water every day.

Square shaped.

These glutes are not very conspicuous. In addition, they indicate a great absence of nutrients, which can lead to diseases such as anemia or other similar ones.

Although accepting yourself as you are should be almost mandatory to strengthen your self-esteem, starting to shape your buttocks with exercise also improves fat distribution and reduces the chances of contracting any disease.


It is the most worrisome category of those named here, and it is perhaps the most common form in men. With respect to women, the buttocks in V are very unsightly.

In general, they indicate a significant absence of estrogens, a more worrying problem in the female gender. It is recommended to consume large amounts of fruit and do physical exercise.

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