Back pain may appear as a reflection of some ailments that have nothing to do with the area, but that require treatment to relieve it.

Do you have back pain all the time? There are people who have been experiencing this problem for so long that they already see it as something normal. However, it is not and you should not adapt to it. The back is the main support of your body: the spine. When you don’t take the proper precautions or your health is not the best, you could end up with this problem.

Activities that can cause back pain include lifting too much weight without care or more serious problems. Just about the latter is what we will talk about next. So, read on and find out how your back discomfort could be warning you of a more serious condition. Take note and act accordingly to prevent your health from being affected.

6 health problems that cause back pain

1. Wear of intervertebral discs and back pain

As you may already know, the spine is made up of vertebrae separated by small structures called intervertebral discs. Therefore, they are fibrocartilaginous structures that fulfill a cushioning function and facilitate flexibility. With the passage of time, and due to different factors, a dehydration of the intervertebral discs occurs, with the consequent deterioration of their functions. Wear of these discs also causes a deviation in the spine because back pain is usually relieved by maintaining a hunched position. It is important that, if you detect this curvature, you go to your doctor to prescribe medication to deal with the pain. He might also suggest wearing some kind of girdle or support that keeps the spine in place. Also, it would be good to get massages and include a collagen supplement to prevent the problem from progressing.

2. Low back pain as back pain

The back pain is back pain that arises from the ribs to the buttocks. It is a condition that we can all experience at any time in our lives. Because it is such a common problem, many people believe that it has no real cause. However, this is false. In most cases, multiple tests may be required, but there is always a specific reason.

If you present it occasionally, you should pay attention to the activities that you have been doing. It is possible that you have a bad posture when you are in front of the computer or that your job is causing it. Ideally, you should go to your doctor to rule out that there is a more serious situation.

3. Osteoporosis and back pain

The Osteoporosis is a bone disease. It appears when there is a decrease in the density of bone mass and the bones become more porous. This disease makes your bones brittle and prone to serious injury, even with minimal bumps. In most cases there are no obvious symptoms, although back pain may occur.

  • If you have passed the age of 40 and your diet is not particularly rich in calcium, it is important that you visit your doctor on a regular basis to rule out this problem.
  • It is advisable to visit your doctor if you notice that the back pain occurs in the middle part and you hear some clicking when you move. This should not be normal in any case.

4. Fibromyalgia and back pain

Fibromyalgia is a widespread chronic disease. Among its most important characteristics are long-lasting pain episodes. This means that not only will you have back pain, but you will also have discomfort in all joints and muscles. In this disease it is very common to present:

  • Sleep disorders.
  • Fatigue.
  • Bloated feeling.
  • Rigidity.
  • Intestinal disorders.
  • Joint numbness.
  • Heartburn.

If this is the problem, your doctor may prescribe several medications that treat the ailments separately. Although it is not a disease that you can cure, there are always options to control the discomfort, although you will need to try to find out what works for you.

5. Scoliosis and back pain

Another health problem that can cause back pain is scoliosis. This is the lateral deviation of the spine outside its normal limits. It is a deformity that can appear due to congenital, neuromuscular or no apparent cause.

When scoliosis is advanced, it often causes compression or impingement of the spinal cord and pain. To reduce the pain in your back when it is derived from scoliosis you must receive medical therapy. This usually includes:

  • Physical therapy routines.
  • Wearing corsets.
  • Regular checks to see if the problem has progressed.

6. Endometriosis and back pain

The endometriosis is one of the most common diseases in women. In this case, the problem of back pain is due to the growth of abnormal endometrial tissue in the muscle area. The pain is usually sharp and appears most often around the date of the menstrual period. Although commercial pills for colic are usually helpful, it is recommended that you visit the gynecologist to follow the correct treatment.

General recommendations for dealing with back pain

  • Go to a specialist to receive the appropriate treatment depending on the type of disorder you present.
  • Practice yoga. It is perfect for relaxing the body and fighting pain and inflammation.
  • Do moderate sports, stretching.
  • Avoid being sedentary and sitting for a long time.


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